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Determining semantic network for Persian selected word and designing false memory scale (examination) based on it (31114 Downloads)
A Study of the Role of Cognitive Flexibility in Predicting Hopelessness and Resilience among University Students (19547 Downloads)
Visual-spatial component of working memory and short-term memory in students with learning disorders and comparison with normal students (15891 Downloads)
The relation between function and working memory capacity and Students' reading performance:executive (13997 Downloads)
The Effect of Stroop Effect and Stimulus Onset Asynchronies on the Psychological Refractory Period (12810 Downloads)
The Effectivness of Executive Functions based Play Therapy on improving Response Inhibition,planning and working memory in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (11294 Downloads)
Effectiveness training emotion regulation skills in executive function and emotion regulation strategies of adolescents at risk (10571 Downloads)
Cognitive bias in emotional information processing in anxiety, depression and normal people (9932 Downloads)
The Mediating Role of Self-Regulation in the Relationship between Thinking Styles and Students’ Test Anxiety in Birjand University (8715 Downloads)
Comparative study of working memory performance, behavioral activation system (BAS) and behavioral inhibition (BIS) based on the dimensions of stress in adolescents (8430 Downloads)
To investigate Brain Waves of Impulsivity individuals in Cognitive Task (8130 Downloads)
Cognitive Functions, Listening Pre-skills and Linguistic Abilities in Monolingual and Bilingual Children (7728 Downloads)
The Effect of Mental Imagery on the Motor Performance Enhancement among the athletes in the Sport of Aerobic Dance (7726 Downloads)
effectiveness of Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) on cognitive fusion and physical Health Indicators in essential hypertensive patients (7212 Downloads)
Effect of transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS) on working memory in healthy people. Abstract (7156 Downloads)
Explore the relationship between affection and Conscientious whit moral judgment (6450 Downloads)
The effectiveness of attention training on the reading performance of students with dyslexia (6333 Downloads)
Evaluation of Coping Styles, Meta-cognitive Beliefs and Test Anxiety in the University Students: Investigating the Mediating Role of Coping Styles (5938 Downloads)
اثربخشی آموزش برنامه فرزند پروری مثبت به مادران بر افزایش توانایی خواندن کودکان نارسا خوان (5865 Downloads)
Enhanced awareness and attention: Unidimensional or multidimensional Construct? Factor structure and psychometric properties of Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire (FFMQ) in Iran (5849 Downloads)
اثرهای تبیین‌گری و دانش قبلی بر بار شناختی و انتقال یادگیری در محیط‌های یادگیری چندرسانه‌ای مبتنی بر رایانه (5774 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Emotional Working Memory Training on Improving Cognitive Control in individuals with High Trait Anxiety (5733 Downloads)
The role of metacognitive beliefs and thought control strategies in test anxiety (5640 Downloads)
Comparison of Executive functions and the Cognitive estimation and Interpretation bias in patients with Social Anxiety disorder and normal individuals (5572 Downloads)
Comparison of cognitive fatigue in multiple sclerosis sufferers and non-sufferers according to attributional style (5353 Downloads)
The assessment ofinformation processingspeed with regard tostate trait anxiety (5327 Downloads)
Cognitive Appraisal Processes and academic Stress: the Moderting role of Sex and Culture (5271 Downloads)
Cognitive Activity Analysis of the Brain in Creative Design Thinking (5045 Downloads)
Computational modeling of dynamic decision making using connectionist networks (5004 Downloads)
Obsessive believes and Cognitive Inhibition deficit in in Obsessive Compulsive Patients (4879 Downloads)
A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Metacognitive Therapy with Neurofeedback Training on Metacognitive Beliefs and Anxiety Symptoms in Female Students with Social Anxiety Disorder (single subject) (4808 Downloads)
The Role of Positive and Negative Emotions, Optimism, Pessimism, and Information Processing Styles in the Students’ psychological Adjustment (4648 Downloads)
Developmental Change in Working Memory Capacity and its Components (4608 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of process emotion regulation strategies in improvement on executive functions and quality of life in recovered addictions in drop in centers. (4474 Downloads)
Effects of handedness, sex and age on the perception of time (4472 Downloads)
Investigate visual-spatial attention and visual-manual dexterity skills in children with learning disorders and compare with normal children (4461 Downloads)
Designing processes and strategies model of children emotion regulation based on self-regulation developmental model (4456 Downloads)
The role of metacognitive knowledge in the relationship between class management and second language achievement. (4422 Downloads)
The comparison cognitive function and theory of mind in people with symptoms of obsessive - compulsive disorder and normal people (4372 Downloads)
Structural model of executive function and extramarital relationship with mediating role of self-control (4271 Downloads)
The comparsion the effectiveness of Perceptual Skills Reconstruction and education executive functions(attention, planning, respose inhibition) on Working Memory, perceptual reasoning, and Math Performance of Students with Specific Math Learning disorder (4170 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Decisional and Self-Efficacy Therapy Transtheoretical model (TTM) on Cognitive-Emotional regulation , Mind control and pain Patients with chronic pain (4166 Downloads)
Examining the Effectiveness of Teaching Philosophy on the way community of inquiry on critical thinking and its dimensions of female students in fifth grade in Yazd (4108 Downloads)
Predict of Obsessive Compulsive Based on Cognitive variables (Working Memory, Inhibition, Shifting, Updating and Short Term Memory) (4105 Downloads)
The Mediating Role of the self-regulation and psychological Distress in the relationship between domestic violence and cognitive functions in women victim of spouse abuse (4101 Downloads)
Estimating the Math Anxiety Based on Cognitive Emotion Regulation and Problem-Solving Ability in Second Year Students of Science (4089 Downloads)
The role of the cognitive emotion regulation strategies in student’s test anxiety (4077 Downloads)
Effectiveness of the Meta-cognitive Trainings in the Reading Functions of the Third Grade Male Dyslexia Students of the Elementary Schools (4050 Downloads)
Relationship between Metacognition believes and Exam Anxiety: Mediating role of Cognitive Emotion Regulation (4039 Downloads)
Effects of Gymnastics Training on Mental Rotation (3992 Downloads)
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